Gladys E. Saunders

Associate Professor
Unit: College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Department of French Language and Literatures
Office location and address
355 New Cabell Hall
1605 Jefferson Park Ave
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904
Bachelor of Arts (BA), Hampton University
Master of Arts (MA), University of Wisconsin System : Madison
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), University of Michigan System : Ann Arbor
COLA 1500: College Advising Seminars
Credits: 1
COLA courses are 1-credit seminars capped at 18 first-year students, all of whom are assigned to the instructor as advisees. They are topically focused on an area identified by the faculty member; they also include a significant advising component centered on undergraduate issues (e.g., choosing a major, study abroad opportunities, undergraduate research, etc.). For detailed descriptions see
FREN 3030: Phonetics
Credits: 3
Reviews pronunciation, phonetics, and phonology for undergraduates. Prerequisite: FREN 2020 or equivalent.
FREN 3034: Advanced Oral Expression in French
Credits: 3
A focus on speaking, listening, and pronunciation. Activities include guided conversation practice, discussion leading, and other oral activities related to authentic materials in French. Work may include quizzes, presentations, reports, interviews, exams , and projects. Prerequisite: FREN 3031 or concurrent enrollment in FREN 3031. Not intended for students who are native speakers of French or whose secondary education was in French schools.
FREN 3509: Topics in French Linguistics
Credits: 3
This course will include topics such as French outside France; regional French varieties; Romance dialectology; French socio-linguistics. Prerequisite: FREN 3031 and 3030.
FREN 4509: Seminar in French Linguistics
Credits: 3
Topics of specific interest to faculty and advanced undergraduate students. Prerequisite: FREN 3030, 3031, and one 4000-level course in French.
FREN 4998: Pre-Thesis Tutorial
Credits: 3
Preliminary research for thesis. Prerequisite: Admission to the Distinguished Majors Program.
FREN 4999: Thesis
Credits: 3
Composition and defense of thesis. Prerequisite: FREN 4998 and good standing in the Distinguished Majors Program. Note: The prerequisite to all 5000-level literature courses is two 4000-level literature courses with an average grade of B, or the instructor's permission.
FREN 5993: Independent Study
Credits: 1–3
Independent Study
LING 9010: Directed Research
Credits: 3
Special Areas Students should choose electives in one or more of the following areas: anthropology, Asian and Middle Eastern languages and Cultures, comparative Latin and Greek, English language study, Germanic linguistics, Indic linguistics, philosophy, psychology, Romance linguistics, Slavic linguistics.
FREN 9999: Dissertation Research
Credits: 1–12
For doctoral dissertation, taken under the supervision of a dissertation director.