Elizabeth Taliaferro-Jones

Unit: School of Nursing
Department: School of Nursing
Office location and address
202 Jeanette Lancaster Way
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
NUCO 4110: Patient-Family Centered Care: Complex and Transitional Care
Credits: 4
This course builds on previous Adult Health courses and prepares students to plan and deliver care in a wider variety of settings and on a more complex level. Half the semester will be spent studying critical care nursing concepts while gaining clinical experience in intensive care. The other half will be devoted to nursing care in transitional care settings, with a goal of facilitating patient transition from one setting to the next.
NUCO 4720: Transition to Practice: Synthesis Practicum
Credits: 3
Synthesis Practicum provides students with the opportunity to integrate knowledge and skills acquired from all previous courses. Students work directly with clinical preceptors in an intensive 168-hour clinical, refining their skills and exploring the professional nurse's role. They assume leadership roles and begin to transition to independent professional practice.
GCNL 5110: Clinical Practice & Decision-Making: Nursing Care of Adults & Older Adults
Credits: 4
This course provides the student with the theoretical knowledge necessary to provide basic safe and effective nursing care to adults and aging individuals. Clinical experiences focus on developing applying fundamental nursing skills. Prerequisite: GCNL 5100.