Eric Anderson

Unit: School of Engineering and Applied Science
Department: Department of Chemical Engineering
Office location and address
395 McCormick Rd
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
ENGR 1624: Introduction to Engineering
Credits: 4
Cornerstone course for first-year SEAS undergraduates, introducing them to engineering practice and design philosophy, via exposure to open-ended, realistic , hands-on challenges. Students engage in both individual and team work, and consider the contexts in which engineering challenges arise. SEAS majors and potential career paths are also introduced. Students who have taken ENGR 1620 or 1621 or both, can't enroll in ENGR 1624.
CHE 3398: Chemical Engineering Laboratory I
Credits: 3
Experimental study of selected operations and phenomena in fluid mechanics and heat transfer. Students plan experiments, analyze data, calculate results and prepare written and/or oral planning and final technical reports. One hour discussion, four laboratory hours. Prerequisite: CHE 2215 and 3321.
CHE 4438: Process Synthesis, Modeling, and Control
Credits: 3
Combining chemical engineering unit operations to create complete manufacturing processes, including safety, environmental, and economic considerations. Modeling processes using commercial simulation software. Analysis and design of control systems for chemical plant s. Three lecture hours. Prerequisite: CHE 3318 and 3322.
CHE 4476: Chemical Engineering Design
Credits: 3
Application of academically acquired skills to the practice of chemical engineering in an industrial environment: industrial economics; process synthesis and selection; flow sheet development; equipment sizing; plant layout and cost estimation. Report preparation and oral presentations. Use of commercial process simulation software. Two lecture hours, two discussion hours, and design laboratory. Prerequisite: CHE 2216, 3318, 3322, and 4438.
CHE 4995: Chemical Engineering Research
Credits: 1–3
Library and laboratory study of an engineering or manufacturing problem conducted in close consultation with a departmental faculty member, often including the design, construction, and operation of laboratory scale equipment. Requires progress reports and a comprehensive written report. Prerequisite: Instructor permission.
CHE 6438: Process Control and Dynamics
Credits: 3
Introduction to dynamics and control of process systems, controllers, sensors, and final control elements. Development and application of time- and frequency-domain characterizations of subsystems for stability analyses of closed control loops. State-space models, principles of sampled-data analysis and digital control techniques. Elementary systems identification with emphasis on dead time, distributed parameters, and nonlinearities. Prerequisite: Instructor permission.
CHE 6476: Process Design and Economics
Credits: 4
Factors that determine the genesis and evolution of a process. Principles of marketing and technical economics and modern process design principles and techniques, including computer simulation with optimization. Prerequisite: Instructor permission.