Ekaterina Makarova headshot

Ekaterina V. Makarova

Associate Professor
Unit: College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Department of Sociology
Office location and address
Randall 218
130 Hospital Dr
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904
SOC 3460: Future Cities
Credits: 3
This course conceives alternative possibilities for our cities. It will include such lines of inquiry as the challenges of equality and justice; sustainability and environmental change; the potential and limits of technology; and the impact of the changing global context. We will examine currently emerging urban forms as well as attempts to imagine new forms of urban life.
SOC 3490: Cities and Cultures
Credits: 3
Explores the ways in which physical environments shape and are shaped by social life.  Examines the relationship between urban space and culture in different historical and social settings, though there is a particular focus on the rise and development of modernity as expressed through the experience of particular cities.
ZFOR 3506: International Study
Placeholder course for students studying abroad
SOC 3559: New Course in Sociology
Credits: 1–4
This course provides the opportunity to offer a new topic in the subject area of sociology.
GSGS 3559: New Course in Global Studies
Credits: 1–6
This course provides the opportunity to offer new topics in Global Studies.
SOC 4140: Sociology of Consumption
Credits: 3
This course considers the nature and effects of consumer society; it explores the theories, practices, and politics of modern consumption. Topics include the historical development of consumer society; the role of consumption in creating personal and political identities; the cultural and social meanings of seemingly impersonal objects like money; the commodification of social life; and the politics of consumption.
PAVS 4500: Pavilion Seminar
Credits: 3
The Pavilion Seminars are open, by instructor permission, to 3rd and 4th year students. They are 3-credit, multidisciplinary seminars, focused on big topics and limited to max. 15 students each. For detailed descriptions of current offerings, see http://college.artsandsciences.virginia.edu/PAVS.
SOC 4520: Topics in Religion and Society
Credits: 3
This course focuses on various aspects of religion and society such as American culture, gender and the family, politics, science, religious diversity and pluralism, violence, and other emerging issues.
SOC 4559: New Course in Sociology
Credits: 1–4
This course provides the opportunity to offer a new topic in the subject area of sociology.
HIEA 4559: New Course in East Asian History
Credits: 1–4
This course provides the opportunity to offer a new topic in the subject area of East Asian History.
SOC 4640: Urban Sociology
Credits: 3
Examines both classic and contemporary debates within urban sociology and relates them to the wider concerns of social theory.  Topics include public space and urban culture, social segregation and inequality, the phenomenon of the global city, and the effects of economic change or urban social life. Six credits of Sociology or instructor permission.
SOC 4860: Sociology of Religion
Credits: 3
This course explores the role of religion in modern societies. It provides a broad comparative cultural and historical perspective, drawing on examples from America, Western Europe, and former communist countries of Eastern Europe. Topics include classic sociological theories of religion, church-state relations, civil religion, and religion and nationalism. Prerequisite: Six credits of sociology or instructor permission.
SOC 4980: Distinguished Majors Thesis Research
Credits: 3
Independent research, under the supervision of a DM faculty adviser, for the DMP thesis. Prerequisites: SOC 3120 and Admission to the Distinguished Majors Program in Sociology.
SOC 4981: Distinguished Majors Thesis Writing
Credits: 3
Writing of the DMP thesis under the supervision of a DM faculty adviser. Prerequisite: SOC 4980
EURS 6000: Research Inquiries in European Studies
Credits: 3
This interdisciplinary course introduces students to advanced research methods for investigating issues in European Studies. Each student will develop a research proposal and paper on a specific disciplinary topic under the supervision of a faculty member in that discipline, with the requirement that the paper include significant insights from at least one other discipline.
SOC 9010: Directed Reading
Credits: 1–12
Independent study with a faculty member.