Evangelos Dimou

Assistant Professor
Unit: College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Department of Mathematics
Office location and address
1605 Jefferson Park Ave
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904
MATH 1310: Calculus I
Credits: 4
A first calculus course for natural-science majors/students planning further work in mathematics/students intending to pursue graduate work in applied social sciences. Introduces differential & integral calculus for single-variable functions, emphasizing techniques/applications & major theorems, like the fundamental theorem of calculus. Prerequisite: Background in algebra/trigonometry/exponentials/logarithms/analytic geometry.
MATH 1320: Calculus II
Credits: 4
A second calculus course for natural-science majors, students planning additional work in mathematics, and students intending to pursue graduate work in the applied social sciences. Topics include applications of the integral, techniques of integration, differential equations, infinite series, parametric equations, and polar coordinates. Prerequisite: MATH 1310 or equivalent; at most one of MATH 1220 and MATH 1320 may be taken for credit.