Elisabeth Pleszkoch headshot

Elisabeth Ann Pleszkoch

Assistant Professor
Unit: School of Education and Human Development
Department: School of Education and Human Development
Office location and address
Bavaro Hall 163
417 Emmet St S
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
Ph.D., University of Virginia, 2008
M.Ed., College of William & Mary, 2001
B.S., Kent State University, 1993
EDHS 2230: Drug Awareness
Credits: 3
This class is a comprehensive course highlighting issues related to drug use across the spectrum including the latest thinking on prevention and awareness, motivation for drug use, intervention, rehabilitation, and recovery. This course will provide key information regarding specific types of drugs and factors affecting their interactions with the human body.
EDHS 2240: Substance Abuse
Credits: 3
Examines substance abuse and use in contemporary society. Treats topics from a multi-disciplinary perspective and includes biological, pharmacologic, cultural, social, psychological, political, economic, and legal aspects of substance abuse. Analyzes patterns of addiction, intervention, and rehabilitation with respect to alcoholism and other drugs. Examines assessments of costs, options, and alternatives to addiction, along with educational efforts toward prevention. Class discussions are an integral part of this course. Taught at the graduate level as EDHS 5240.
EDHS 8240: Substance Abuse Counseling
Credits: 3
Introduction to substance abuse counseling. Provides an understanding of the disease concept and other views of addiction, different methods of treating substance abuse, the process of recovery, the Twelve Step model, the role of the family in addiction, and counseling issues such as confronting denial, intervention, family counseling, relapse, and the role of the counselor in treatment. Emphasis is placed on developing skills through role play, case study, and interactions with substance abuse counselors and clients. Prerequisite: EDHS 7210, 7230, Counselor Education major, or instructor permission.