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Daniel W. Steeper

Unit: McIntire School of Commerce
Department: McIntire School of Commerce
Office location and address
40 South Lawn
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904
ZFOR 3503: International Study
Placeholder course for students studying abroad
COMM 4559: New Course in Commerce
Credits: 1–4
This course provides the opportunity to offer new topics in the subject of Commerce.
COMM 4701: The Analyst's Edge
Credits: 3
This hybrid seminar/independent study, focuses on finding attractive investments. Students will develop the ability to produce unique and differentiated research that can be applied to finding compelling longs and shorts. A major theme of the class will be the study and practice of value-added research. Each student will work to understand how to apply their research to investment ideas. The learning process will be highly experiential. Prerequisite: Required Application Process; 4th Year Commerce
COMM 4703: Global Macro Investing
Credits: 3
This intensive course will focus on the influence of macro factors on fundamental global investing. Students will develop skills to anticipate and understand macro events and their impact on investment opportunities in both domestic and international markets. Through interactions with Mr. Shumway and prominent guest speakers, students will develop multiple investment ideas over the course of the semester.