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Deborah W. Parker

Unit: College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Department for Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
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Ph.D., Harvard
M.A., University of British Columbia
B.A., University of Toronto
AS-SPAN Dante's Inferno: Influence, Adaptation and Appropriation -- NEH Summer Seminar
Source: U.S. Nfah - Nat'L Endowment For The Humanities
October 01, 2014 – September 30, 2016
ITTR 2260: Dante in Translation
Credits: 3
Close reading of Dante's masterpiece, The Inferno. Lectures focus on Dante's social, political, and cultural world. Incorporates The World of Dante: A Hypermedia Archive for the Study of the Inferno, and a pedagogical and research website (www.iath.virginia/dante), that offers a wide range of visual material related to The Inferno.
RELG 2559: New Course in Religious Studies
Credits: 1–4
This course provides the opportunity to offer a new course in the subject of Religious Studies.
ITAL 3010: Advanced Italian I
Credits: 3
Includes idiomatic Italian conversation and composition, anthological readings of literary texts in Italian, plus a variety of oral exercises including presentations, skits, and debates. Italian composition is emphasized through writing assignments and selective review of the fine points of grammar and syntax. Prerequisite: ITAL 2020.
ITAL 3110: Medieval and Renaissance Masterpieces
Credits: 3
Introduction to relevant Italian medieval and renaissance literary works. Prerequisites: ITAL 2020
ITTR 3280: Michelangelo: The Artist, The Man, and His Times
Credits: 3
Michelangelo's name conjures genius and a nearly superhuman achievement in the arts. Contemporaries elevated him as the supreme sculptor, painter, and architect of his age. This course examines Michelangelo's creativity in all these media as well as his poetry and letters. The course investigates the extraordinary achievements of this Renaissance luminary through close analysis of his works, secondary studies, and contemporary reinventions.
ARTH 3525: Topics in Renaissance Art History
Credits: 3–4
Examines focused topics in Renaissance Art History.
ARTH 3559: New Course in History of Art
Credits: 3–4
This course provides the opportunity to offer new topics in the subject History in Art.
ITTR 3559: New Course: Italian in Translation
Credits: 3
This course provides the opportunity to offer new topics with the subject of Italian in Translation.
ITTR 3880: Reinventing Dante: Influence, Adaptation and Transformation
Credits: 3
Dante's Inferno has captivated the imagination of artists as diverse as Botticelli, Milton, Keats, and David Fincher. Artists, writers and filmmakers re-imagine Dante for their own purposes. This course will explore reinventions of Dante's Inferno, the most enduring vision of the afterlife that has ever been created.
ITTR 5250: Dante's Purgatory in Translation
Credits: 3
This course explores canto-by-canto Dante's second realm of the Afterlife. Particular attention will be paid to how various themes and motifs (the phenomenology of love, the relationship between church and state, status of classical antiquity in a Christian universe, Dante's representation of the saved), differ from those explored in the Inferno. Prerequisite: ITTR 2260 or permission of instructor.
RELC 5559: New Course in Christianity
Credits: 1–4
This course provides the opportunity to offer a new topic in the subject of Christianity
ENGL 8993: Independent Study
Credits: 1–3
A single semester of independent study under faculty supervision for MA or PhD students in English doing intensive research on a subject not covered in the usual courses. Requires approval by a faculty member who has agreed to supervise a guided course of reading and substantial written exercise, a detailed outline of the research project, and authorization by the Director of Graduate Studies in English. Only one may be offered for Ph.D credit. For more details on this class, please visit the department website at