Davide Tomio headshot

Davide Tomio

Assistant Professor
Unit: Darden School of Business
Department: Darden Graduate School of Business
Office location and address
FOB 191D
90 Darden Blvd
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
BSc, Ca' Foscari University of Venice
MSc, University of Copenhagen
PhD, Copenhagen Business School

Davide is an Assistant Professor at the Darden School of Business, in the Finance area. His research interests lie in the intersection of empirical asset pricing, market microstructure, and central bank interventions. Davide's work has investigated the effect that central bank interventions have on the liquidity of bond markets and on the relative pricing between bonds and their derivatives. His work has been published in the Journal of Financial Economics and presented at meetings of the American Financial Association, the European Financial Association, and in front of the research teams of the Federal Reserve Bank system, the European Central Bank, and the central banks of Italy and Germany. 

At Darden, Davide teaches two second year electives, Valuation in Financial Markets, and Derivative Securities. Prior to teaching at Darden, he taught undergraduate courses in Corporate Finance at the Copenhagen Business School.

GBUS 7603: Valuation in Financial Markets
Credits: 2
This course focuses on how financial assets and firms are valued in financial markets. It directly extends and strengthens the corporate finance principles from the required first-year Financial Management and Policies course by applying valuation models to real financial data and assets. The course contains three modules: firm-valuation techniques, option-pricing principles, and fixed-income valuation. The first module extends the first-year finance course by considering more difficult firm valuations as well as alternate techniques for valuing firms. The second and third modules relate to the capital markets for which valuation principles from options and fixed-income instruments are used as building blocks to decompose the valuation of complex financial instruments.
GBUS 8426: Derivative Securities: Options and Futures
Credits: 2
The Derivatives course is designed for students interested in a career in investment banking or corporate finance. The primary purpose of the course is to teach students how to interpret and value the wide variety of derivatives products available. As such, the course examines a broad array of derivative products that range from basic futures contracts to the more specialized products developed for interest-rate markets. The valuation tools considered begin with basic arbitrage relationships and from there students will develop the Black-Scholes model. The course will also introduce the binomial approach and will use it as the primary valuation framework throughout the course. Students will also, through the use of assignments and problem sets, develop an intuitive understanding of why these products are used and the fundamental relationships that underlay all derivative products.
GBUS 8999: Darden Independent Study
Credits: 2–3
A Darden Independent Study elective includes either case development or a research project to be conducted by an individual student under the direction of a faculty member. Students should secure the agreement of a resident faculty member to supervise their independent study and assign the final grade that is to be based to a significant degree on written evidence of the individual student's accomplishment.