Donna Bindig

Unit: School of Nursing
Department: School of Nursing
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202 Jeanette Lancaster Way
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
NUCO 2330: Health Assessment
Credits: 3
Patient Centered Health Assessment focuses on obtaining a holistic health history and physical examination of the individual patient. The patient's developmental level and cultural, spiritual, and social dimensions provide the basis for developing a patient centered health assessment. Best practices are emphasized through the correct demonstration of physical examination techniques and the use of appropriate screening tools for clinical risks.
NUCO 2440: Principles and Application of Case-Based Learning for Nursing Practice
Credits: 2
Using patient cases, this learner-centered seminar facilitates student exploration of patient- & family-centered care across the continuum of health care delivery and provides clinical experiences to apply critical elements of the BSN Essentials and IOM Competencies. Thinking critically, students synthesize prior and concurrent knowledge in their clinical reasoning and incorporate evidence-based practice across the lifespan.
NUCO 3110: Patient-Family Centered Care: Adult-Gero Nursing in Acute Care
Credits: 4
This required course covers the nursing care of adult patients with common illnesses and conditions requiring medical and/or surgical treatment in acute health care settings.
NUCO 4720: Transition to Practice: Synthesis Practicum
Credits: 3
Synthesis Practicum provides students with the opportunity to integrate knowledge and skills acquired from all previous courses. Students work directly with clinical preceptors in an intensive 168-hour clinical, refining their skills and exploring the professional nurse's role. They assume leadership roles and begin to transition to independent professional practice.