Caroline Melton

Unit: Provost's Office
Department: Summer Session Office
Office location and address
1540 Jefferson Park Ave
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
ESL 901: ESL-Academic Writing I
This course is designed for students who need work on controlling English syntax. Students review and practice important structures. Norms of organization and rhetorical expression are introduced. Writing tasks, which complement the work with structures, will be contextualized in the student's field of study.
ESL 902: Advanced Writing II - ESL
Students focus on organization and rhetorical models of academic English. Sentence structure, grammar, and mechanics are reviewed as needed. Writing tasks, which complement the work with rhetorical models, will be contextualized in the student's field of study.
ESL 905: American Pronunciation and Conversation: Navigating Campus and Community
Group and individual instruction on speech and pronunciation will be given for students who have difficulty with the perception and production of the sounds and patterns of American English as well as conversational practice designed to improve the general oral production and aural comprehension skills for navigating the U.S. University.
ESL 907: Oral Communication: Negotiating the American Classroom
Students will practice strategies to enhance oral communication within the classroom. They will gain skills in conversing with individuals & groups, in group problem solving, and in giving short presentations. While pronunciation & listening skills are not the main focus of these courses, recommendations for self-study in this area will be given. Structures & vocabulary addressed as needed.
ESL 909: Advanced Oral Communication: Academic Interaction & Research Presentations
ESL 909 is a course designed for students who need both to practice speaking in academic contexts and to develop their presentation skills. Course activities include discussing academic topics, summarizing texts, paraphrasing, reporting research, and organizing and giving oral presentations, particularly in a poster presentation. Pronunciation is addressed as needed.
ESL 911: Classroom Communication: Teaching & Preparing for the Job Market
Students in this course work on oral presentation skills, teaching strategies and cross-cultural communication to enhance their effectiveness in the American classroom. Short practice teaching sessions videotaped in front of undergraduate volunteer "students" provide regular opportunities for feedback and self-reflection on teaching. Skills and strategies for interviewing and networking are integrated into the course.