Chris Yung headshot

Christopher A. Yung

Associate Professor
Unit: McIntire School of Commerce
Department: McIntire School of Commerce
Office location and address
Rouss & Robertson Halls 350
125 Ruppel Dr
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904
Ph.D., Finance, Washington University at St. Louis
M.S., Mathematics, University of Kentucky
B.S., Mathematics, The Ohio State University
Professor Yung specializes in the field of security issuance. He has published on the role of underwriters and insiders in initial public offerings, and on structure and informational problems faced in the venture capital industry. He has taught courses in corporate finance and investments at the undergraduate through doctoral levels.Professor Yung has published in leading finance journals, includingJournal of Financial EconomicsThe Review of Financial Studies;Journal of Financial and Quantitative AnalysisJournal of Corporate FinanceFinancial Analysts Journal; and Review of Finance. He has been an invited speaker at numerous universities and government agencies and at national and international conferences. CFA Institute awarded him the Graham and Dodd Award of Excellence and the Readers' Choice Award for his practitioner-oriented article “The Misuse of Expected Returns.”
COMM 3030: Quantitative and Financial Analysis
Credits: 4
Covers basic analytical tools used in marketing and finance. Introduces a disciplined problem-solving process to structure, analyze, and solve business problems that is used extensively in case discussions. Topics include marketing research; exploratory data analysis, financial statement analysis, basic stock and bond valuation, pro forma statement analysis, cash budgeting, capital budgeting, regression analysis, and analyzing risk and return. Excel is used extensively throughout this session. Prerequisite: Third-year Commerce standing.
COMM 3040: Strategic Value Creation
Credits: 5
Provides an overview of corporate & global strategy, introducing frameworks for valuing companies, assessing the impact of strategic initiatives on firm value, & understanding corporate communication strategies & techniques. Topics include corporate governance, diversification, mergers & acquisitions, alliances, international market entries, DCF & relative valuation methods, corporate reputation management, investor & media relations.
COMM 4710: Intermediate Investments
Credits: 3
Provides an understanding of contemporary cash and derivative equity securities and markets. Both investment theory and its practical applications are considered. The primary perspective for most discussions is that of an institutional investor, although applications to personal finance are included. Both U.S. and international equity and fixed-income markets are discussed. Topics include asset allocation, portfolio theory, market efficiency, models of asset pricing, program trading, and equity options and financial futures. Prerequisite: Fourth-year Commerce standing or instructor permission.
GCOM 7060: Financial Management
Credits: 3
Financial Management covers basic corporate finance including cost of capital, capital budgeting, valuation of stock and bonds, working capital management, and international finance. Prerequisite: Restricted to MS in Commerce students.