Brantly Womack

Brantly Womack

Unit: College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Department of Politics
Office location and address
S484 Gibson Hall
1540 Jefferson Park Ave
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
Ph.D., University of Chicago

Professor of Foreign Affairs and holder of the C. K. Yen Chair at the Miller Center.  Author of Asymmetry and International Relationships (2016); China among Unequals: Asymmetric Foreign Relations in Asia (2010); China and Vietnam: The Politics of Asymmetry (2006); Foundations of Mao Zedong’s Political Thought, 1917-1935; co-author of Politics in China (3rd ed.); editor of Borderlands in East and Southeast Asia: Emergent Conditions, Relations and Prototypes (2017); Rethinking the Triangle: Washington-Beijing-Taipei (2016); China’s Rise in Historical Perspective(2010); Contemporary Chinese Politics in Historical Perspective, Media and the Chinese Public; Electoral Reform in China; author of more than one hundred journal articles and book chapters on Asian politics, including articles in World Politics, World Policy Journal, International Affairs, China Quarterly, Pacific Affairs, and China Journal. Fulbright Scholar, Woodrow Wilson Fellow, Mellon Fellow; recipient of numerous research grants. Honorary professor at Jilin University (Changchun, China), and at East China Normal University (Shanghai, China). Current research interests include asymmetric international relationships, the relationship of public authority and popular power in China; provincial diversification in China; domestic politics and foreign policy of Vietnam; China’s relations with Southeast Asia.

PLCP 3610: Chinese Politics
Credits: 3
General introduction to Chinese politics in its societal context. Conveys a concrete appreciation of China's societal reality and how it interacts with the political system. Covers China's changing role in Asia and the world. Prerequisite: Some background in comparative politics and/or the history of China.
PLCP 5610: Politics of China
Credits: 3
Studies the structure and process of the Chinese political system, emphasizing political culture, socio-economic development, and political socialization. Prerequisite: Some background in comparative politics and/or history of China.
PLIR 5710: China in World Affairs
Credits: 3
Includes international relations of China; conditioning historical, political, economic, and social forces; and the aims, strategy, and tactics of China's foreign policy. Prerequisite: Some background in international relations and/or the history of China.
PLIR 5810: Asymmetry and International Relations
Credits: 3
A seminar exploring a new approach to international relations focused on relationships between countries with disparate capacities. Students will participate actively in developing and applying the new approach and contrasting it with other theories of international relations.
PLIR 5993: Selected Problems in International Relations
Credits: 1–3
Independent study, under faculty supervision, for intensive research on a specific topic. Prerequisite: Instructor permission.