Bev Wilson

Associate Professor
Unit: School of Architecture
Department: Department of Urban and Environmental Planning
Office location and address
Peyton House #106
110 Bayly Dr
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
PLAN 5500: Special Topics in Planning
Credits: 1–4
Varies annually to meet the needs of graduate students.
PLAC 5616: Civic Technology Principles and Practice
Credits: 3
This course familiarizes students with current technical, ethical, and regulatory aspects of Smart Cities development. It introduces the civic technology framework and ethos as a bridge between emerging technologies, local governance, and community priorities. Students will design and deploy a web application in collaboration with partners outside the university that advances the public interest. Tools may include R, shiny, MySQL, Git, AWS.
PLAC 6090: Planning Practicum
Credits: 4
This course serves as the fourth semester integrative class for the MUEP. Students work on a group project for a community client. Course entails understanding and drafting MOUs, creating concrete work plans, engaging with the public, gathering data and investigating strategies and alternatives. Final product should be a meaningful, implementable planning document for community use.
PLAN 6120: Digital Technology for Planning and Design II - GIS
Credits: 4
Required second semester technology class introducing students to the fundamental applications of geographic information systems central to planning analysis and practice.