Brittany Leach

Unit: College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Office location and address
1605 Jefferson Park Ave
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904
WGS 3340: Transnational Feminism
Credits: 3
This course places women, feminism, and activism in a transnational perspective, and offers students the opportunity to examine how issues considered critical to the field of gender studies are impacting women's lives globally in contemporary national contexts. We will look closely at how violence, economic marginality, intersections of race and gender, and varied strategies for development are affecting women in specific geographical locations.
WGS 3559: New Course in Women, Gender and Sexuality
Credits: 3
This course provides the opportunity to offer a new course in the subjects of women, gender and sexualities.
WGS 3810: Feminist Theory
Credits: 3
This course provides an overview of the historical bases and contemporary developments in feminist theorizing and analyzes a range of theories on gender, including liberal, Marxist, radical, difference, and postmodernist ideas. We explore how feminist theories apply to contemporary debates on the body, sexuality, colonialism, globalization, transnationalism incorporating analyses of race, class, national difference and cross-cultural perspectives.