Bonnie Hagerman headshot

Bonnie M. Hagerman

Assistant Professor
Director of Undergraduate Programs
Unit: College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Office location and address
103 Levering Hall
50 Rotunda Dr
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904
B.A., Princeton University
M.A., Ohio University
Ph.D., Ohio University

Bonnie Hagerman graduated cum laude from Princeton University in 1991 with a B.A. in Anthropology. After teaching high school social studies and history for five years, she pursued graduate studies at Ohio University with an intent to combine her interests in American history, feminism, and sports. Her resulting Ph.D. dissertation, “Skimpy Coverage,” examines Sports Illustrated’s treatment of sportswomen in its pages from 1954 to 2000. Hagerman began teaching for WGS in 2008, and has taught “Women, Gender, and Sport: A History of American Female Athletes” every year since that time.

COLA 1500: College Advising Seminars
Credits: 1
COLA courses are 1-credit seminars capped at 18 first-year students, all of whom are assigned to the instructor as advisees. They are topically focused on an area identified by the faculty member; they also include a significant advising component centered on undergraduate issues (e.g., choosing a major, study abroad opportunities, undergraduate research, etc.). For detailed descriptions see
WGS 2100: Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies
Credits: 3
An introduction to gender studies, including the fields of women's studies, feminist studies, LGBT studies, & masculinity studies. Students will examine historical movements, theoretical issues, & contemporary debates, especially as they pertain to issues of inequality & to the intersection of gender with race, class, sexuality, & nationalism. Topics will vary according to the interdisciplinary expertise & research focus of the instructor.
WGS 3200: Women, Gender and Sports
Credits: 3
This course traces the history of American female athletes from the late 1800s through the early 21st century. We will use gender as a means of understanding the evolution of the female athlete, and will also trace the manner by which issues of class and race inform sportswomen's journeys over time, particularly with regard to issues of femininity and homophobia.
WGS 3210: Gender, Sport and Film
Credits: 3
This course will examine how film has portrayed women's sports and female athletes. We will explore how well the film industry has documented the history of women's sports, issues important to female athletes such as race, sexuality, equality and issues of femininity, and we will look to see how well these productions stack up against films portraying male athletes and men's sports.
WGS 3220: Global Perspectives on Gender & Sport
Credits: 3
This course will examine female athletes from a global perspective, comparing and contrasting their experiences, and placing them in historical perspective. Among the topics considered will be the Olympic Games, Chinese sports schools, the post-apartheid athletic landscape of South Africa, and Iranian women athlete's struggle against clothing restrictions.
WGS 3230: Gender and the Olympic Games
Credits: 3
In ancient Greece, women risked death if they even attended the Olympic Games. As Pierre de Coubertin looked to revive the games in 1896, he thought women better suited to cheering on the male victors, than to competing themselves. This course will explore women's early participation in the Olympic Games, the pressures upon Olympic sportswomen to be feminine, and the important intersections of race, class, and sexual orientation.
WGS 3240: Gender, Race and Sport: A History of African American Sportswomen
Credits: 3
Explore the intersection of gender and race in sport, specifically examining the African-American female experience in sport. This course will ask students to consider whether sport was (and continues to be) the great equalizer for both African-American sportsmen and sportswomen, and to evaluate their portrayals (or lack thereof) in both the white and black media.
WGS 3559: New Course in Women, Gender and Sexuality
Credits: 3
This course provides the opportunity to offer a new course in the subjects of women, gender and sexualities.
WGS 3612: Gender and Sexuality in the United States, 1865-Present
Credits: 3
This course explores the significance of gender and sexuality in the territory of the present-day U.S. during the period from the Civil War to the present.
WGS 3810: Feminist Theory
Credits: 3
This course provides an overview of the historical bases and contemporary developments in feminist theorizing and analyzes a range of theories on gender, including liberal, Marxist, radical, difference, and postmodernist ideas. We explore how feminist theories apply to contemporary debates on the body, sexuality, colonialism, globalization, transnationalism incorporating analyses of race, class, national difference and cross-cultural perspectives.
WGS 3993: Independent Study
Credits: 1–4
Independent Study
WGS 4559: New Course in Women, Gender & Sexuality
Credits: 1–4
This course provides the opportunity to offer a new topic in the subject of studies of women and gender.