Beverly Sweeney

Assistant Professor of Education, General Faculty
Unit: School of Education and Human Development
Department: School of Education and Human Development
Office location and address
405 Emmet St S
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
EDLF 3150: Introduction to Child Growth and Development
Credits: 3
This survey course introduces several prominent theories of child development and explores the related empirical research. Emphasis is placed on applying developmental principles to parenting and professional practice. Major topics include: the historical basis of child study, the life cycle, maturational milestones, diversity in development, cognitive, emotional, moral development, and biological foundations.
EDLF 3170: Introduction to Adolescence
Credits: 3
Psychological and social development during adolescence are affected by multiple factors, such as biological, social and cultural changes, and larger macrosystem influences. We will examine how these influences shape development generally during the 2nd and 3rd decades of life. We will explore questions of identity, relationships, health and culture by considering key questions that adolescents explore such as "Who am I," and "Where am I going?"
EDLF 3180: Lifespan Development
Credits: 3
In this course, we will explore the journey we all share, asking "How do individuals grow and change throughout life?" We will take a topical approach, with particular focus on biological, psychological, and social development from birth through older adulthood. We will seek to understand our own developmental processes, as well as the role of race, class, gender and culture on others,' and question our beliefs about what it means to "grow up."
EDLF 5020: Introduction to Applied Developmental Science
Credits: 3
Introduction to how research in developmental science intersects with applied work with children and youth. Students will learn foundational principles of development, examine how they apply to contemporary issues (e.g., disparities in educational opportunities), and highlight challenges present in the field. Students will also learn about programs and services designed to address these issues for children, youth, and families.
EDLF 5160: Life Span Development
Credits: 3
This course will focus on biological, psychological and social development from birth through older adulthood. Topics will be presented via discussion of underlying theory, research, and application, with attention to how gender, race, SES, and cohort impact development. Concepts of consistency and change will be stressed. Throughout, students will be encouraged to examine and even question their own beliefs about what it means to "grow up".
EDLF 7290: Seminar in Educational Psychology
Credits: 1–3
This course explores educational psychology as a profession and provides a forum for discussing current problems in the field of Educational psychology and the local program. This seminar is appropriate only for Educational Psychology majors in the Learning and Development specialty. Restricted to Master's Degree Students
EDLF 8998: Masters Research Internship
Credits: 1–12
Designed to give masters students experience conducting research in professional settings appropriate to their disciplines. Prerequisites: Permission of Advisor
EDLF 8999: Masters Thesis
Credits: 1–6
For master's research, taken under the supervision of a thesis director.