Adam Slez

Assistant Professor
Unit: College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Department of Sociology
Office location and address
130 Hospital Dr
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904
SOC 3130: Introduction to Social Statistics
Credits: 4
Studies elementary statistical methods for social science applications. Topics include summarizing data with graphs and descriptive measures, generalizing from a sample to a population as in opinion polls, and determining the relationship between two variables. No special mathematical background is required, and students will be taught basic computer techniques. Three hours of lecture, two hours of laboratory work. Majors are expected to take this course in their third year. Prerequisites: SOC 3120
SOC 3820: Social Movements
Credits: 3
Social movements are an historical and global phenomenon of great complexity and variety. Because the topic can be so broad, the course is organized around case studies of civil rights, the industrial workers' movement, environmentalism, religious fundamentalism, and the counter movements to globalization. These cases will be used to illustrate variety of themes and principles, and you'll learn about specific events, personalities, organizations, and dynamics that shaped these movements. By this method, you will gain specific knowledge about important social movements, as well as an overview and general orientation to the sociology of this dynamic area of social life. Prerequisite: SOC 1010 or instructor permission.
SOC 5020: Introduction to Statistics
Credits: 3
SOC 5020 will serve as an introduction to multivariate regression, with an emphasis on applications in the 'eld of sociology. Along the way we will review basic concepts related to probability and inference. More specifically, this course will cover ANOVA, t tests, OLS regression, and logistic regression. In sum, the course is designed to teach graduate students in sociology how to use basic statistics to address concrete sociological problems.
SOC 5100: Research Design and Methods
Credits: 3
Studies the steps necessary to design a research project including searching the literature, formulating the problem, deriving propositions, operationalizing concepts, constructing explanations, and testing hypotheses. Prerequisite: SOC 3120, or graduate standing, six credits of sociology; or instructor permission.
SOC 5120: Intermediate Statistics
Credits: 4
Studies the social science applications of analysis of variance, correlation, and regression; and consideration of causal models. Prerequisite: SOC 3130, graduate standing, six credits of sociology or instructor permission.
SOC 5420: Social Stratification
Credits: 3
Studies the distribution of rewards and punishments and the resulting social inequalities in cross-cultural and historical perspective. Analyzes negative liabilities such as arrest, imprisonment, unemployment, and stigmatization, and positive assets such as education, occupation, income, and honor. Draws on the literature of both stratification and deviance/criminology. Focuses on the distributive aspects of power and the resulting social formations such as classes, and status groups. Prerequisite: SOC 5030, 7130 or their equivalent, or instructor permission.
SOC 9560: Advanced Topics in Political and Comparative-Historical Sociology
Credits: 3
This course covers selected topics in political sociology and comparative-historical sociology.