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Anselmo Gianluca Canfora

Associate Professor
Associate Dean for Academics
Unit: School of Architecture
Department: Department of Architecture
Office location and address
Campbell Hall 203
110 Bayly Dr
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
BSAS, University of Illinois
M.Arch., University of Michigan

Anselmo Canfora founded Initiative reCOVER at the University of Virginia in 2007. Initiative reCOVER is a research project established to assist underserved populations through partnerships with humanitarian, community-based organizations, professional firms, and manufacturers.  In the classroom and in the field reCOVER promotes a collaborative entrepreneurial interdisciplinary spirit in service of hands-on, design-build learning experiences, and the advancement of building technologies, methods, and materials.  Based on a fundamental philosophy that design and building processes are dialectically interdependent, a building – or the act of building – is not simply considered a result, outcome, or even a product of design, but instead it is promoted as a collaborative effort well informed by thoughtful research, substantive interdisciplinary exchanges, and direct community involvement.  Canfora’s research and teaching center on two recurring themes in the architecture discipline: The tools and craft of building, and the people for whom buildings are made.

Through his teaching and research, Canfora explores emerging fabrication technologies and processes of construction to create domestic and international disaster recovery housing for a broader audience than the profession has traditionally engaged. Canfora’s teaching focuses on the preparation of students thorough foundational knowledge and skill sets in architecture while anticipating the potential new roles they will face as members of an evolving discipline, one with the most direct influence on the built environment.

Partnership for Design and Manufacture of Affordable, Energy-Efficient Housing
Source: Virginia Tobacco Indemnification & Community Revit
July 01, 2011 – May 26, 2014
ARCH 1030: Foundation Studio I
Credits: 4
The studio course introduces first year students from architecture, urban and environmental planning, and architectural history to the built environment related to scales from the body to buildings, landscapes, and cities.Students explore comprehensive and foundational design principles, skill sets, and critical thinking.
ARCH 4820: Teaching Experience
Credits: 3
Selected students lead a seminar (of 8 to 10 younger students each) for 'Lessons of the Lawn' and 'Lessons in Making.' All student assistants attend class lectures (for a second time) and then meet with their seminar groups weekly, leading discussions of topics and questions raised by the instructor.
ARCH 4993: Independent Study
Credits: 1–4
Independent research on topics selected by individual students in consultation with a faculty advisor
ARCH 5993: Independent Study
Credits: 1–6
Independent research on topics selected by individual students in consultation with a faculty advisor
ARCH 7993: Independent Study
Credits: 1–3
Independent Study Prerequisite: Permission of the chair.
ARCH 8800: Teaching Experience
Credits: 3
Teaching Experience Prerequisite: Permission of the chair.
ARCH 8999: Non-Topical Research, Masters
Credits: 1–12
Advanced independent research on topics selected by individual students in consultation with a faculty advisor Prerequisite: Permission of the chair.
ALAR 8999: Non-Topical Design Research-Masters
Credits: 1–12
Independent Design Thesis Studio. Prerequisite: ALAR 8100 and permission of the chair.

“Kay e Sante nan Ayiti” International Design Competition, ARCHIVE Institute, 1st Place: Initiative reCOVER, “Breathe House” (Competition included 400 registered teams, 200 eligible entries, 147 design teams, 20 finalists, top 5 designs selected for construction)

Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, Collaborative Practice Award, March 2011, “Initiative reCOVER: Primary School, Uganda;" Canfora, A.; Elzey, D; J. Kaliisa; Smith, E; Srour, G.

American Institute of Architects, Education Honor Award, March 2010

Initiative reCOVER: Primary School in Gita, Uganda, PI: Canfora, A Co-PI: Elzey, D. Graduate Research Assistant: Ponitz, J.                                                                           

Design Ignites Change: Implementation Award, August 2010 ($6,000)

“Initiative reCOVER: Disaster recovery Housing Prototype,” PI: Canfora, A. Student Team: Bulla-Richards, A.; Harper, S.; Lee, S.; Parker, N.; Thompson, L.

Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture,

Faculty Design/Research Award, March 2004

“Mies In Michigan: Making Image Material,” Canfora, A.; Comazzi, J.; Wilkins, G.

Virginia Tobacco Commission, Research and Development Grant

“Partnership for Design and Manufacture of Affordable, Energy-efficient Housing Systems,” (Total Project Budget: $6,006,570; Tobacco Commission: $2,445,000; reCOVER: $1,006,378)

PI: Parrish, P.; Office of the Vice President for Research; Co-PIs: Canfora, A; Quale, J, SARC

National Science Foundation: EFRI: SEED Grant, August 2010

“Occupant-oriented Heating and Cooling” ($1,998,000; reCOVER: $133,398),

PI: Whitehouse; Co-PIs: Canfora, A.; Guerlain, S.; Haj-Hariri, H; Stankovic, J. (Award No. 1038271)

Environmental Protection Agency: P3 Student Design Competition for Sustainability Grant, July 2010, “Initiative reCOVER Disaster Recovery Shelter Prototype Project,” ($10,000) Canfora, Student Team: Bulla-Richards, A.; Harper, S.; Lee, S.; Parker, N.; Thompson, L. (Award No. SU 834731)