Ali Fard

Assistant Professor
Unit: School of Architecture
Department: Department of Architecture
Office location and address
110 Bayly Dr
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
D.Des, Harvard University, 2018
M.Arch, University of Toronto, 2011
B.A., University of Toronto, 2007
ARCH 4010: Research Studio
Credits: 6
This studio course emphasizes conceptualization and synthesis of complex programs in contemporary contexts at multiple scales. Prerequisite: ARCH 3020
ARCH 4011: Design Thinking Studio III
Credits: 6
This is a studio based course on Architectural design thinking with a focus on creative approaches to analyzing and solving diverse problems. Prerequisite: ARCH 3021
ARCH 4993: Independent Study
Credits: 1–4
Independent research on topics selected by individual students in consultation with a faculty advisor
ARCH 5500: Special Topics in Architecture
Credits: 1–6
Topical offerings in architecture.
PLAC 6010: Urban Planning and Design Studio
Credits: 4
The course is an introductory studio for the degree of Master of Urban and Environmental Planning. The course covers the history of planning, emergence of sub-fields, ethical considerations, and methodological approaches to planning. The main applied emphasis is on physical planning/urban design and the way in which public planning shapes the built environment. Enrollment restricted to First Year MUEPs; all others permission of instructor.
ARCH 7010: Foundation Studio III
Credits: 6
Intermediate-level design problems, emphasizing analysis and synthesis of complex contextual, cultural, and constructional issues. Prerequisite: ARCH 6020 or chair permission.
ARCH 7993: Independent Study
Credits: 1–3
Independent Study Prerequisite: Permission of the chair.
ALAR 8010: Research Studio 1
Credits: 6
Advanced vertical studio, exploring complex issues and sites, often through interdisciplinary design research. Part one of a two part comprehensive design sequence. Prerequisite: ARCH 7020 or LAR 7020.
ALAR 8020: Research Studio 2
Credits: 6
Advanced vertical studio, exploring complex issues and sites, often through interdisciplinary design research. Typical projects include brownfields, urban landscape infrastructure, and sustainable designs. Prerequisite: ALAR 8010
PLAN 8800: Teaching Experience
Credits: 3
Involves serving as a teaching assistant for a course, with teaching assignments coordinated by the chair. Prerequisite: permission of instructor.
ALAR 8999: Non-Topical Design Research-Masters
Credits: 1–12
Independent Design Thesis Studio. Prerequisite: ALAR 8100 and permission of the chair.