Alexander Cowan

Unit: Darden School of Business
Department: Darden Graduate School of Business
GBAC 7217: Leadership IV: Leading with Agile
Credits: 2
Agile has become the de facto approach to innovation initiatives. For the analyst, the practice of agile provides an opportunity to instrument these initiatives with analytics such that the analytics consistently and purposefully help drive better decisions and customer experiences. In this course, students will apply agile to leading with evidence-based, analytics-driven decisions.
GBAC 7222: Leadership V: Managing with Agile
Credits: 2
This course teaches you to apply a disciplined yet adaptive approach to project management, which relies on iterative agile cadences. Building on Leadership III and IV courses, you will be able to: a) translate execution ideas into agile user stories, b) groom a story backlog based on project priorities, c) decompose a story backlog into actionable tasks, d) design a continuous delivery pipeline, and e) participate in a self-organizing team.
GBUS 8632: Software Design
Credits: 2
This course will provide foundational skills for managers involved in developing software applications. These skills would be relevant to the future entrepreneur as well as to the future manager within an established company. The applications might be finished products for the end user (e.g., an iPhone app) or they might be internal systems built on vendor platforms (e.g., Salesforce or Oracle deployment).
GBUS 8633: Software Development
Credits: 2
For the Darden student who wants to increase their creative confidence on software related projects, Software Development is an experiential SY elective that delivers hands-on coding experience for the non-engineer. Unlike online only options like codeacademy, SID offers a Darden compatible format with the hands-on assistance that students need to acquire the necessary skills in a single quarter.
GBUS 8636: Digital Product Management
Credits: 2
This course will introduce you to the modern practice of product management in digital. You'll learn how product managers create product/market fit for new products and enhance it for existing projects. Learn how generalist product managers establish successful interfaces with key functions like design, development/engineering, data science, sales/marketing and support/operations.
GBUS 8640: Digital Capstone
Credits: 2
Opportunity for structured practice on integrating three key capabilities for any digital program: product design, application development, and analytics. The focus of the student experience is on directed practice for deepening and integrating their foundation of understanding of product design, application development, and analytics.
GBUS 8999: Darden Independent Study
Credits: 2–3
A Darden Independent Study elective includes either case development or a research project to be conducted by an individual student under the direction of a faculty member. Students should secure the agreement of a resident faculty member to supervise their independent study and assign the final grade that is to be based to a significant degree on written evidence of the individual student's accomplishment.