Ahmed al-Rahim

Associate Professor
Director of Islamic Studies, Department of Religious Studies
Unit: College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Department of Religious Studies
Office location and address
1540 Jefferson Park Ave
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903
RELI 150: Special Topics in Islam
Special Topics in Islam.
COLA 1500: College Advising Seminars
Credits: 1
COLA courses are 1-credit seminars capped at 18 first-year students, all of whom are assigned to the instructor as advisees. They are topically focused on an area identified by the faculty member; they also include a significant advising component centered on undergraduate issues (e.g., choosing a major, study abroad opportunities, undergraduate research, etc.). For detailed descriptions see http://college.as.virginia.edu/COLA
FORU 1500: Introduction to the Forums
Credits: 3
This course will introduce first-year students to their forum topic. Students should enroll in the section associated with the forum to which they were accepted. (See http://college.as.virginia.edu/forums for information on the forums.)
EGMT 1530: Engaging Difference
Credits: 2
In this class, students will learn to critically reflect on one's own situation and perspective in relations to one's expanding knowledge of other human experiences, seeking to cultivate a framework for informed reflection on human diversity and social complexity while developing empathy as a foundation for democratic citizenship.
RELI 2070: Classical Islam
Credits: 3
Studies the Irano-Semitic background, Arabia, Muhammad and the Qur'an, the Hadith, law and theology, duties and devotional practices, sectarian developments, and Sufism.
RELI 2080: Global Islam
Credits: 3
Global Islam traces the development of political Islamic thought from Napoleons invasion of Egypt in 1798 to the Arab Spring in 2010 and its aftermath in the Middle East.
RELI 5415: Introduction to Arabic and Islamic Studies
Credits: 3
This graduate seminar provides a comprehensive survey of the subjects and areas addressed in the field of Arabic and Islamic Studies.
RELS 8500: Topics for Supervised Study and Research
Credits: 1–6
This topical course provides Master's and Doctoral students in Religious Studies an opportunity for advanced coursework in selected, established areas of the department's curriculum.
RELI 8703: Advanced Readings in Arabic
Credits: 3
Advanced readings in Arabic philosophical, theological, mystical, and literary texts. Course readings will be in Arabic.
RELI 8709: Islamic Studies Tutorial
Credits: 3
Tutorial in Islamic Studies on philosophy, theology, jurisprudence, ethics, and political Islam.
RELS 8960: Thesis Research
Credits: 3
Research on problems leading to a master's thesis.
RELS 8995: Research
Credits: 1–12
Systematic readings in a selected topic under detailed supervision.
RELS 8998: Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Research
Credits: 1–12
For master's research, taken before a thesis director has been selected.
RELS 8999: Non-Topical Research
Credits: 1–12
For master's thesis, taken under the supervision of a thesis director.
RELS 9998: Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research
Credits: 1–12
For doctoral research, taken before a dissertation director has been selected.
RELS 9999: Non-Topical Research
Credits: 1–12
For doctoral dissertation, taken under the supervision of a dissertation director.